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Whole House

  • ProOne ProHome Whole House Water Filter

    ProOne ProHome - Whole House Water Filter System $1,888.95

    Now there’s a ProOne for your entire home.... The most advanced 4 stage compact filtration system.  ProOne unveils next generation compact whole house water filtration system. Remove 220+ contaminants for as...

  • Propur ProSoft water softener conditioner

    ProOne ProSoft Saltless Water Softener $944.95

    Hard water is water which contains a high mineral content consisting of dissolved compounds of mostly calcium and magnesium. Hard water, or hardness, typically prevents soap from lathering and can cause a buildup of scale...

  • Propur Home Replacement Tanks 1 & 2

    ProOne ProHome Tank Replacement 1 and 2 $1,048.95

    Two replacement tank assemblies for the ProOne ProHome system. Includes: Replacement tanks 1 and 2 with heads 4 - 3/4" push fit connectors 2 - connector tubes and tube supports Recommended replacement: 50,000...

  • Propur Home Replacement Tank 3

    ProHome Tank Replacement 3 $502.95

    Replacement tank #3 for the ProOne ProHome system. Includes: Replacement tank #3 with heads 1 - 3/4" push fit connector 1 - Connector tube and tube support Recommended replacement: 100,000 gallons or 2...

  • ProPur sediment filter housing

    ProOne ProHome Pre-Sediment Filter Assembly $83.95

    The ProOne ProHome Pre-sediment filter is a single stage system designed to help remove heavy sediment and particulates including dirt, rust, sand, silt and debris only. Installs inline with the ProOne ProHome system. Helps...

  • ProPur Home Pre-Sediment replacement filter

    ProOne ProHome Pre-Sediment Replacement Filter $10.95

    5 micron pre-sediment replacement filter for the ProOne ProHome whole house system.

  • ProPur Home ElectroCharged replacement filter

    ProOne ProHome ElectroCharged Replacement Filter $73.95

    Replacement ElectroCharged™ Sub-micron Pleated Filter Cartridge for ProOne ProHome whole house system. ElectroCharged™ final stage filtration provides electroadsorption of a wide range of submicron particulates...

  • ProOne ProSoft Replacement Media

    ProOne ProSoft Replacement Media $355.95

    Replacement media for the ProOne ProSoft water softener.  Should be changed out after 100,000 gallons. 2 liter bag.